Crypto project management was recognized in a big way this week. Lane Rettig’s post announced it.

The post did three things -

1 - Recognized the need for more structured Ethereum project management

Lane pointed to team size growth as one driver. Team proliferation, sometimes resulting in multiple teams working on similar projects, was another.

2 - Announced the Ethereum Cat Herders

We’ve organized an enthusiastic group of experienced project managers who are excited to help out with Ethereum project management on an ongoing basis. This group is known as the Ethereum Cat Herders, and its initial goal is to facilitate inter-team communication and to speed up the upgrade preparation process so that we can perform network upgrades more often, leading to a more consistent stream of improvements to the protocol.

3 - Elevated PM’s visibility within the Ethereum ecosystem

The hope is that the Ethereum Cat Herders emerges as a key Ethereum governance contributor. He cites two high profile initiatives, the Fellowship of Ethereum Magicians and #EIP0, as other example contributors.

Reading the post leaves me feeling excited, hopeful and optimistic for the Cat Herders and blockchain PM. It feels refreshing to see the value PM’s contribute recognized by key Ethereum contributors.

I’ll be writing more about the Cat Herders in upcoming issues. For now, you can get involved with the Cat Herders by -

1 - Contribute to the Ethereum Cat Herders Gitcoin grant

2 - Join the Cat Herders Gitter channel here

P.S. - An older version of this post was first published here.